Studio AnticoMedieval and Renaissance Inspired Artistic Creations

Aged Fresco ceiling

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" - Rumi
 Growing up just a few short blocks away from the Cloisters Museum in the upper Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights, Kathryn discovered at a very young age an inexplicably deep passion that stirred her very soul within the grey stone walls of that museum. The Cloisters, inspired a love for the Art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance that will continue and grow for all days to come. From this love, Kathryn embarked on her artist journey.

Moving from New York to Florida in the late 1990's, Kathryn began her career as an artist and decorative finisher. Staying true to her passions and looking to capture the essence of the Middle Ages and Renaissance through design, texture and color, Kathryn trained in France and Italy under Masters in the art of Fresco painting and the European techniques of authentic lime plasters such as Polished Venetian Plaster and multi-layered distressed techniques. Her company, Studio Antico, worked closely with top Designers and quality home builders. As the primary artist on all projects, Kathryn used her passion and skills to transform ordinary walls to works of art using old world techniques and materials. In every project, Kathryn's goal was to bring an essence of authenticity and a glimpse of the grandeur and beauty of the Renaissance and Middle Ages whether through a polished plaster surface that glowed with reflected light, layers of distressed Venetian Plaster or the richness and depth of natural pigments in Fresco painting.

In the beginning of 2014, after many successful years in business, Kathryn decided to take her experience and knowledge of painting Frescos and working with authentic lime based plasters and started creating unique Medieval and Renaissance inspired artistic creations. Her Illuminated Fresco Initials are painted on wood panels on which multiple layers of plaster create beautiful texture which the design is painted onto the surface in the Fresco style. The designs, texture, glorious gold leaf and rich colors all beautifully transport you to another time and place.