Studio AnticoMedieval and Renaissance Inspired Artistic Creations

Inspired from my wall art creations
Groin Vaulted Ceiling After Handpainted Fresco
  • Inspired from my wall art creations
  • ...and Frescos
  • comes Illuminated Fresco Initials with Gold Leaf

The Art of Illumination hand painted in Old World Fresco Style
 My passion for all that is the Middle Ages and Renaissance that fills my soul also fills each painting with equal grandeur. “Illuminated” comes from the Latin verb “illumiare” which means to light up or be enlightened. Painting with rich radiant colors onto a beautifully textured surface of multi-layered plaster that has been adorned with glorious Gold Leaf, each Illuminated Fresco Painting glows with colors and essence of another time and place..